Realize the imagination of the world, GDI man constant intelligence

GDISIM is invested and founded by Shanghai Graphic Design Information CO.,LTD , is a leading company in virtual reality industry . GDI Intelligent is a high-tech company, specialize in R&D and production of virtual reality simulators.

We developed several high quality products like ‘Racing Simulators’, ‘Future Sticker’, ‘Machine GunX Rider’, and aims to offer different experience with traditional entertainment.

We have our own factory to support hardware development, and meanwhile, there are also experienced teams of software development and service to ensure customer satisfaction.

GDISIM will continue to challenge the field of creative thinking

GDI Head Office

GDISIM was established in2007 and has developed as a private enterprise which has a cutting-edged technology based on 3D technology. It is taking virtual reality(VR),3D printer,3D physical interactive game and simulator as its main business and the founder and the stuffs of GDI take an actively part in social Benefit and entrepreneurial activities with a responsibility to their society and insight to future.

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After 9 years development, we now have branches in 9 main cities All over China, besides, we have R&D center in silicon valley.


GDI is the most important element in the primary identifier of GDISIM. This basic form is consistently used with name of our company.

GDI stands for ‘Graphic Design Information'and visualize 3D glasses that mean our core business 3D.
It contains our business philosophy that we design a new world with creative thinking and idea and communicate visually.

Main color represents young energy by using orange color that means technology, Freedom, enjoyment, belief and dynamic.

Corporate Philosophy

We will present you with an experience that you can enjoy virtual reality like actuality.
GDISIM accumulates and apply technologies like contents making based on VR, motion controlling, sensor research and development, designing too, hardware designing and so on.
Based on accumulated know-how and technological power, we hope to make a reality-like world of virtual reality.


We provide sensible and polished design to from design contents to a hardware.


Harmonious development of creative contents and an innovative hardware.


Presentation of more realistic experiences with visual, auditory and physical stimulation.


Only GDISIM’s progressed technologies able to draw a reality-like experience.

Development History


GDI曼恒 founded in Shanghai


Creation of " GDI曼恒 innovation fund" enthusiastic public welfare undertakings, encourage and explore innovative talents



For success of Hunan city university structures, three-channel virtual simulation system, the marks GDI曼恒 formally enter the field of virtual reality



Was named named "the most dynamic in Shanghai science and technology enterprise"



Member of the political bureau of the central, Shanghai mayor Han Zheng visited GDI曼恒 for research and guidance


Independent intellectual property products won the "2011 outstanding software products" title



Vice secretary of the CPC Shanghai municipal committee, mayor Yang Xiong visited GDI曼恒 for research and guidance


Won the "Shanghai design innovation demonstration enterprises" honorary title



Buy Chaohejing developing zone Songjiang high-tech park 26 acres of land, built China's first 3 D technology industry center


Former vice chairman of the standing committee of the National People's Congress, academicians Lu Yongxiang visited GDI曼恒


Worked with AVIC commercial aircraft engine co., LTD., helped them developing China's first big aircraft engine



The deputy mayor of Shanghai Zhou Bo visited GDI曼恒


GDI曼恒 improved 3 D printing technology, started 3 D printing business


Won “Shanghai specialization new for enterprise” honorary title


Apply for patent "education training simulation system”


Started developing anti-aircraft gun body feeling game consoles


Established GDIKOREA South Korea branch (cooperative enterprises in Korea)



GDI曼恒 expanded into virtual reality entertainment industry, launched 3D sensing simulation game products -”virtual reality simulator car”

Set up a south Korean research

Apply for patent "Advertising fusion gift offering system”

Apply for patent "FPS game simulation system”

Started VR solution business

Apply for the patent of the PCT, an education management system through voice simulation


GDI曼恒 took over China's first independent optical passive 3 D motion capture system of professional manufacturers, Dalian Doreal Software Co., LTD., further build, constant of virtual reality in the field of entertainment games such as many core competitiveness



GDI曼恒investment Day (Shanghai) Culture Media co., LTD


GDI曼恒 launch 3 D sensing simulation game products - "Virtual Reality Simulated Racing Version 3.0"


GDI曼恒 listed on the stock transfer system of small and medium-sized enterprises (new three board market) listed market at the same time, accelerate the 3 d industry layout

Business Plan

VR Total Solution

We will be a global business leading VR company and a business who can realize creative ideas and thoughts.

Virtual Reality

A technology that can realize the imagination which people cannot experience in reality.

Game & Simulator

An equipment control technology that moves motors as the users want

Augmented Reality

A technology that complements virtual reality to the reality so that the users can experience.

Motion Capture

A technology that allows the characters in the contents move equally with a motion sensor

Technology Area

GDISIM based on 3D technology, show various techniques in the field of VR Hardware, VR Contents market,mobile phone, to the world.

VR Hardware

We provide the users with various experience with the line up of simulator which is basic of the VR Contents.

  • 4D Simulator
  • HMD
  • G-motion
  • VR Experience Zone
VR Contents

We create a culture of realistic but unique virtual reality by applying various contents stretched to the entire industry.

  • Game
  • Leisure, FlightㆍOperation Simulation
  • Education
  • Military Training and so on

We provide you with a unique service of mobile advertisement multi-platform even through mobile where you may see advertisement, play a game and win free gifts.

  • PPL
  • Region based advertisements
  • Shopping

GDISIM Business Line

VR Experience Zone

Racing zone
Racing experience zone where simulators of racing, airplane and other various types are available

VR Simulator zone
Robot experience zone where people experience using 360 degree of turn angle with HMD on

MachineGun X zone
Experience zone where people experience more realistic shooting game through attachment of Vulcan

VR Mini zone
VR Mini experience zone which people experience at even their houses

Horse-riding Experience Zone
Horse-riding Experience Zone where people experience riding a horse

AD Multi Platform

Multi-platform fused an advertisement platform with a game platform

Encouraging imprinting effects with repetitive advertisement exposure,
minimized repulsion with advertisement exposure and the users’ voluntary participation in games with free gifts within the game

A game platform where people collect virtual game money through various casual games

Free gifts
A service which provides people with free gifts based on rank through games

A advertisement platform where an advertisement is recognized as a loading screen

VR Robot Simulator

A experience simulator which allows people experience VR contents with multiaxial configuration

A structure that increases immersion with HMD wearing

Sense of interaction
Experience of vivid contents by adding physical interaction onto visual and auditory stimulation

Speed and rotation
GDI’s self-developed simulator that gives at most, 360 degree rotation and sense of various speed

Sense of riding
Enough motives to game are drawn by the simple handling of a controller (joy stick, handle and so on)

Design considering the safety of passengers

VR Luxury Store

VR Shopping mall that was projected at Digital Moohan(武汉) Commercial school in China
Innovative VR education contents that people are educated in a virtual place which is built equally to the real store using unity 3D

Sense of reality
Same exterior and interior of the on-the-spot department store are materialized

High quality of graphic produced by Unity 3D

Able to enlarge the product and change its location

Learning effect
Reality-like learning effects like shopping, paying, marketing, product explanation and so on.

Expected Effect
Creating profit by applying it into various industries


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Company name: Shanghai GDI Intelligent Technology CO.,LTD
Location: No.2679, Hechaun road, Minhang district, Shanghai, P.R.China
+86 021-31266999